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What is the importance of daylight? What is it about daylight that makes it so good for humans (and even for monkeys)? From the year 1994 AD-lux has been on the path of the best lighting. Our mission has always been informing about the significance of daylight and also bringing it indoors.

Light has its spectrum and daylight especially has its kind. We have always wanted to focus on the so-called full spectrum daylight. This means that artificial light also has a full spectrum which makes the colours natural and has the best possible physiological effect on people. Daylight improves mood and increases productivity.

Our best example about the effect of daylight is probably from a few years back when we provided lighting for the Monkey Castle of Korkeasaari Zoo with full spectrum daylight lights. The Monkey Castle had two sides and we only changed the other sides old lighting to new full spectrum daylights and left the other as it was. After a couple of weeks, all of the monkeys were fully moved to the side with the new full spectrum daylight and wouldn't go back to the side with the old lighting. Turns out that even a monkey understands the importance of daylight.

Call us and we'll bring the monkey effect to your workplace!