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VAS Nordic Oy:n toiminta on siirtynyt osaksi AD-Luxia 1.1.2022 alkaen

Tytäryhtiömme VAS Nordic Oy:n toiminta on siirtynyt osaksi AD-Luxia. Koko tuotanto on jatkossa AD-Luxin toimintaa. Lisätietoja antaa: Pekka Orne, puh. 0400 284 571

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Our new circular economy luminaire AD GREEN is now in production!

Our new circular economy luminaire is now in production! This environmentally friendly solution significantly reduces the carbon footprint of lighting in addition to the energy savings brought by LEDs. A patent has also been applied for the structure of the luminaire. It is therefore also an invention. AD-Lux is launching an energy-efficient LED luminaire, especially for offices. The body is made entirely of recycled material. The luminaire illuminates both up and down. There is also a downward-lighting model to choose from. […]

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Tapio Orne as a management consultant for AD-Lux

Tapio has a long and varied experience in managing the business and now he has promised to join our operations to bring his views and help in developing the business strategy. AD-Lux now has two people in the advisory role. Pentti Jäntti has been leading our product development for almost two years.

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Renewed web sites are open!

We redesigned our website to make it easier to select product information. Now you can find a suitable luminaire by selecting the object to be illuminated. We have divided the facilities as follows: Office lighting retail lighting Industrial and storage space lighting Out door areas (also ice skating arenas etc.) Power (W) and lumens can be found under the luminaires. In addition, there are also technical datasheets + light distribution files for DiaLux. Links to electricity numbers can also be found. There are two different numbers for different color temperatures. Tämä uudistus selkeyttää tuotehakua. Referenssikohteet rullaavat niminä sivujen alareunassa. Myös instagramin kohteet ovat sivujen alaosassa. Sinne päivittyvät kaikki instassa julkaisemamme kuvat. Terms of sale and warranty can also be found at the bottom of front page.

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Case Study: Lajupek Oy

Lajupek Oy on toiminut vuodesta 1972 hienomekaniikan kokonaispalvelun tuottajana, taitajana ja innovoijana. Lajupek on luotettu sopimusvalmistaja ja kykenee erikoistapauksissakin palvelemaan asiakkaitaan korkealuokkaisen yhteistyöverkostonsa avulla.

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The importance of light

What is the importance of daylight? What is it about daylight that makes it so good for humans (and even for monkeys)? From the year 1994 AD-lux has been on the path of the best lighting. Our mission has always been informing about the significance of daylight and also bringing it indoors.

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Case study RITTAL OY

The lighting in Rittal Oy premises was in its original form. The original lighting mostly consisted of old fluorescent lamps which were located in somewhat unnecessary places due to some layout changes made during the past years.

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