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Welcome to AD-Lux, where lamps become more than just a source of light - they are experiences that transform the space into a safe and healthy place to work.

For 30 years, we have worked as an advocate for better lighting. In the beginning, we have worked with household lighting and since 2015 with corporate office lighting. We consider it important that the lighting is as good at home as it is at work. Safety and coping in good light is important.

We manufacture lamps in our own factory, the components of which we use are the world's leading LED component manufacturers. All lamps have been tested for functionality before delivery.
Customization is also a big deal in lighting. Each object and project is in some way different from the previous one. Cabling and mounting, for example, may vary. Of course, also light output and glare shields. There are many variables and we are good in this area.

AD-Lux is therefore an excellent player in lighting solutions for company offices and outdoor areas. We combine top-class design, energy efficiency and durable materials to offer our customers innovative and stylish lighting solutions that meet both aesthetic and functional needs.
Our company values domesticity, sustainable development and a customer-oriented approach. That's why every AD-Lux lamp is carefully designed and made of the best materials, ensuring durability and reliability.

Our selection covers a wide range of different lamps that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether it is modern office lighting, atmospheric lobby lighting or efficient LED lighting for outdoor areas, AD-Lux has a solution for every need.

Our customer service is key, and we always strive to exceed expectations by offering personal advice and solutions to our customers' needs. We want to be your partner in lighting solutions and make sure that every project goes smoothly and perfectly.

AD-Lux lamps don't just illuminate the space, they create an inspiring and functional space. In good light, you can see and be seen. Choose us when you want the best lighting solution for your company's premises and outdoor areas!

Pekka Orne