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Installation and contracting

Diverse lighting electrical installation services safely and quickly

The electrical installation work is always provided by a company that has a close collaboration with us and is a true professional in the field. Our installation partner is a TUKES-registered electrical contractor who carries out versatile electrical installation services related to lighting according to your needs. 

Our knowledgeable staff, who meet the competence requirements for electrical work, will find the best solution for your needs. We serve you with solid professionalism and always prioritize installation and operating safety.

An authorized electrical contractor is a reliable partner in lighting electrical installations

When you need electrical installation related to lighting and want to ensure safe, reliable, and hassle-free operation, turn to AD-Lux. Whether you need lights for an industrial hall or proper lighting for your commercial space, our skilled installers who meet the competence requirements for the electrical industry will serve you. Our partner handles lighting-related electrical work for both industrial and commercial spaces with expertise and comprehensive experience. 

We plan and carry out all kinds of lighting-related electrical work with precision and cost-effectiveness. Careful planning of electrical work helps to find the best possible solution and achieve energy efficiency and minimal electricity consumption, which will be reflected in your later electricity bill.

Electrical work is a licensed business. In particular, electrical installations are a precision-demanding work phase, whether it's installation work for new construction or renovation projects. Electrical and fire safety risks should always be taken seriously when performing electrical installations. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional to handle the electrical work in such a way that user safety is the highest possible.

We also offer comprehensive electrical contracting in addition to lighting installations.