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Intelligent lighting control

Intelligent lighting means a lighting system that can automatically adapt to the environmental conditions. The first steps to connected lighting can be challenging and complicated. Until now this has been the case, but not anymore. Philips MasterConnect and its growing range of components offer a simple and smart way to add lights.

With the Philips MasterConnect system, you can create connected lighting solutions that are simple and expandable, without installation and commissioning problems.

Philips MasterConnect is a simple and cost-effective wireless lighting system. The wireless system makes it simple - you only connect the lamps to a 230V network! No
wires or rewiring - in renovation projects you save time, money and the environment.

Fast, safe and efficient commissioning (grouping and parameter setting) via the MasterConnect application. You don't need a router, bridge or gateway, and you don't need an internet connection.

The MasterConnect application also offers project backup, user rights sharing (invite others to participate in the project) and the application language in Finnish.

MasterConnect includes wireless switches for manual control and sensors with presence and daylight sensors that perform automatic dimming and thus can save up to 75% energy.

LED ballasts with built-in wireless communication.

The lamps/connectors work as a group and can be controlled by a central wireless room sensor with the help of a motion sensor and a day sensor.

It is also possible to add manual control with a wireless switch.

Example functions of the lighting group:

- High light level in the use area (customizable)
- low light level when no one is present (customizable)
-Power timeout after 30 minutes when no one is there
on site (customizable)
- Daylight control – optional
- Manual control with a switch – optional

In a wireless mesh network, devices communicate directly with each other and, when necessary, forward messages to devices that cannot communicate directly due to distance or obstacles. In such a network, there is no need for a base station through which all communication takes place. Connecting to the Internet is done through a gateway. If the remote connection is particularly critical, it is important to ensure that there can be several gateways, so that the failure of one gateway does not prevent the use of the remote connection.
AD-Lux has years of experience in various lighting solutions. Contact us and we will present our views on the best lighting solution right at your premises!

Philips MasterConnect - easy and adaptable 
lighting control

The MasterConnect system brings advantages in energy management. The lighting is only on when necessary and where it is really needed. The energy savings are considerable; the combination of presence detection and daylight detection can produce up to 50% savings. Wireless EasyAir sensors are ideal for office, industrial or outdoor use.

Easy to use

An entity based entirely on presence detection and brightness measurement. Can be completed with wireless and battery-free buttons.


The luminaire group lights up when a single sensor in the group detects movement. The luminaires that detect the movement themselves light up at full power, other luminaires in the same space can be lit at a lower power to illuminate the space around the work area.

Energy efficient

The light output can be set individually for each luminaire based on luminance measurement, allowing natural light to truly save energy without compromising lighting.


Each luminaire operates independently on its own sensor. 

Installer friendly

Only the supply voltage is wired to the luminaires. Deployment with a simple application.

Energy consumption monitoring

Newer sensors provide lighting/group-specific energy consumption data in a CSV file.

MasterConnect components 

MasterConnect software 

We also offer implementation as a service! The control of the lights is done through the Master Connect program. The connection works via Bluetooth. The lights can also be connected to the property's systems, which provides data on energy consumption.
The Philips MasterConnect app is a tool for configuring the MasterConnect system,
for on-site configuration and management. Just download from the Apple App Store or Google Play
and register with your email address to start using MasterConnect.