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Needs assessment
The survey assesses the current level of lighting and defines the desired amount and quality of the new lighting. Changes that have occurred in the operating environment over the years usually require changes to the lighting. A well-executed needs assessment is the best basis for a quotation.
Lighting plan (DiaLux plugs can all be found under the products)
Good lighting comes from good planning. This usually means creating a very accurate model of the new lighting with the DiaLux software designed for this purpose. Everything is based on the needs assessment and the defined lighting levels and values. The aim of the plan is always to determine the desired amount of light on the desired surfaces. Standards and regulations also guide the determination, but the best situation is when individuals can evaluate the lighting being designed. Test lighting is also often sensible to do. This ensures that you get what you order.

Dialux plug-ins with different light distributions are available for all luminaires and can be found under the products.

Energy saving calculation
Updating old lighting fixtures with modern LED lights always brings energy savings. Usually, old fixtures are not replaced one-to-one, but it is also possible to reduce the number of fixtures. The wattage typically drops to at least half of the current level. Energy can also be saved with sensible lighting control.

Keeping the lights on in the rooms where it is needed and dimming them when no one is in the room can help save energy. However, it can be difficult to accurately achieve energy savings because it is not known how long the lighting is dimmed, and therefore the energy consumption is lower.
Payback period calculation
The evaluation of the payback period of an investment depends on several different factors. First, how accurately has the energy consumption of the new lighting vs. the old lighting been estimated. The maintenance costs of old lighting fixtures are also significant. Traditional light sources often need to be replaced frequently, and this work may require stopping work and bringing in lifts, etc. Additionally, of course, the total cost of the investment affects the payback period. New fixtures, their installation, and the removal and recycling of old fixtures.

In addition, rewiring may be required. Programming smart lighting is also a cost item that needs to be taken into account. We have the right concept for this purpose. Motiva has also created a calculation template for this purpose, which we also use in our calculations.
Lighting control options
Smart lighting control enables savings due to reduced energy consumption, increased comfort from automatically turning on, off, and adjusting the lighting, and easier and more accurate maintenance through diagnostic data from networked fixtures.
Additionally, presence information can be used to optimize space utilization. The appropriate level of intelligence must be selected based on the application.
The possibilities and needs for lighting and other systems in a parking garage, open-plan office, traditional office, production hall, and factory yard are usually very different. Technical rooms are a good example of spaces where smart control is rarely justified. However, scheduled shutdowns are sensible to ensure that the lighting in seldom-used areas is not left on.
However, scheduled shutdowns are sensible to ensure that the lighting in seldom-used areas is not left on.

In an open-plan office, the use of space can change on a daily basis, which means that presence information can automatically provide good working lighting to the workstations in use.
This saves energy by turning on the lighting only in the necessary areas and, on the other hand, ease of use is emphasized when the user does not have to worry about manual lighting control.
Solutions demonstration
The best way to present a new lighting solution is to go through the whole concept in a joint meeting and discuss the impact and costs of different factors.

The contractor's representative is also often present to explain what the installation offer is based on. The contracting part is often in the same order of magnitude in terms of cost effects as the purchase of the lighting itself. If not even bigger.
The documentation is the total offer itemized, repayment time calculation, DiaLux model of the new light fixture, financing options if necessary.

The cost of installation naturally depends on the time spent and any necessary modifications. Sometimes installations must be done at night, which of course makes the work more expensive. It is important to define any possible delays that may arise during the installation beforehand.
Lighting installation
The installation of the lamps is preceded by the removal of the old lamps, in which case it is necessary to agree, for example, where the old lamps will be put to wait for recycling after removal. You also need to look at the fixings of the new lights. Sometimes it is not possible to attach a new lamp to old rails, for example.

The installation angle of the lamps may also have to be adjusted. The movement of workers in the premises is also an important issue, as is the storage of new lamps before installation. There are many things in addition to the previous ones that need to be taken into account in advance. For this purpose, we use a checklist that is used by everyone and approved together in advance.
Electrical installation
The electrical installation work is always provided by a company that has a close collaboration with us and is a true professional in the field. Our installation partner is a TUKES-registered electrical contractor who carries out versatile electrical installation services related to lighting according to your needs.
Intelligent lighting control always includes adjustability as needed. Depending on the control used, the customer can also make the adjustment himself. We always provide the necessary guidance and support. If necessary, we will also come to the place to make the necessary changes to the lighting control.
We advise and assist in all matters related to lighting. The initial guidance typically includes checks to ensure that everything has been done as agreed. In addition, we agree on the necessary regulations and follow-up inspections. Depending on the lighting control option, we provide guidance to the entire staff if necessary, or at least share the necessary documents.
Tech support and service
by this promise, we mean a sufficiently frequent post-inspection and also discussions about possible change needs.
Service promise
by this promise, we mean a sufficiently frequent post-inspection and also discussions about possible change needs.
Maintenance work
LED lighting is, in principle, completely maintenance-free lighting, and there should be no need to touch the lamps for years after commissioning. However, if such needs arise, we will, if necessary, make changes separately when ordered.
Financing options
The investment does not have to be paid as a one-time investment, but can also be managed in such a way that the resulting cost savings are paid, for example, monthly. In this case, the investment does not burden the company's cash flow and can also be implemented outside the budget.