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Yard areas, harbors and cranes

Yard areas, harbors and cranes

Yard areas

The importance of area lighting is emphasized where you move with different motor vehicles and on foot. Business yard areas are usually areas of diverse mobility. Trucks bring and take stuff, pedestrians follow the routes marked for them. It is important to maintain adequate general lighting and, in addition, to illuminate specific pedestrian areas.

Harbors and Cranes

ships in ports bring their own lighting challenges in ports. The loading area must be adequately lit so that workers can see not only the work site but also each other. Crane drivers, in turn, must be able to see the load to be lifted and, accordingly, the object to which the load is to be lowered. The challenge of seeing is great because the distance is tens of meters. The beam of light can be directed at a narrow beam, in which case the object to be illuminated is best emphasized.