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We have wanted to develop a luminaire whose materials do not pollute the environment. Development work began three years ago and along the way it was discovered that we are now becoming a product that does not exist on the market when implemented in this way. To this end, we decided to apply for a patent for this, which we have now obtained.

The features of the luminaire are as diverse as possible, the control method is intelligent. In addition, the automation works if desired. The luminaire detects the presence of a person, so that the luminaire remembers the information from the previous setting. In addition, the luminaire detects daylight coming from the outside, so the luminaire automatically dims the amount of light. This saves energy. It is also possible to adjust the color temperature of the light. You can try these and other features if you want a luminaire for your workstation. Contact us and you can get a demo light to try it out. Ask more from us: Pekka Orne, tel. +358 400 284 571 or by e-mail