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AD Linear S60

This luminaire is suitable for various applications. It can be used for heights up to five meters. It is best suited for office and low-ceiling spaces.

Selectable features:

  • On/Off, Dali (Dali2), SR (ZigBee)
  • Diffuser can be selected (opal or clear)
  • Kelvins 4000 or 5000K (also available 3000K)
  • Light beam adjustable with lences
  • The luminaires are also available with an IP65 protection rating.
  • Installable on mounting rail, wire, ceiling with screws or on the wall with a corner bracket.
  • The upper part of the luminaire can be protected to be flat, reducing the accumulation of dust.
  • Operating hours >100.000 hours, L80B10, Ta 25 cels
  • CRI>80 (available also >90)
  • IP 54 (with additional compaction IP65)
  • IK 08
  • Lämpötilan kesto -40 - +50 cels.
  • Frame material recycled aluminium
  • Guarantee 5 years
  • Made in Finland

The lumens and watts of the luminaire are maximum values. The opal diffuser reduces the amount of light by about 10%.

Available also with wireless control system ja battery backup:

Dimensions 842 x 86 x 77 mm


Lumen output