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New patented Ecosystem office light Clean light in an environmentally friendly way

Pure light in an environmentally friendly way

AD-Lux now offers an energy-efficient LED luminaire, especially for office luminaires. The body is made entirely of recycled material. This environmentally friendly solution significantly reduces the carbon footprint of lighting in addition to the energy savings brought by LEDs.

Minimized environmental impact

Recyclable housing & local supply chain.

Intelligent control

Motion sensor, daylight sensor and wireless control.

Good light quality

Color temperature adjustment and anti-glare lenses.
The patented body structure allows for cost-effective assembly and end-of-life recycling of the luminaire.
The lighting control sensors are located on the smart end.
Office lighting
Health care
Educational institutions
Hotels and restaurants


The frame is made of recycled material, we will continue to import natural fiber composite as the material
2 lengths 1200 / 2400mm
Luminous flux up to 8800lm
Low glare, UGR <19
Light control with phone or switch: dimming, color temperature control, motion detection and daylight detection
Several mounting options: rail, ceiling and suspension
In the suspended model, the light is directed downwards and upwards.
Standard color black.
Can be painted in wanted RAL colour.

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