Street and outdoor lighting

What’s crucial in street and outdoor lighting?

  • Adequate illuminance
  • Light control
  • Considering the life cycle costs

hulvela-kuvaStreets and outdoor areas are typically illuminated annually thousands of hours. That’s why the life cycle costs should be considered in cost comparison of the investment. Low acquisition value normally indicates higher operating costs in energy consumption as well as in maintenance.

One-time investment in energy-efficient and modern led lighting will significantly lower the operating costs and the investment will pay itself back in only few years. In addition to outstanding lighting the investment will cause cost savings throughout its entire life cycle.

This picture is taken from Raisio where were engineered a led lighting by AD-Lux.


During the summer we are launching domestic led street light series called Stera Lux Road. It will be revolutionary solution in street lighting. It diverges from the current lighting trends by being non-dazzling and indirect lighting which brings brilliant visibility to the streets. There will be more news soon about this product family.


Our new product for wide areas is Stera Lux Area. With this fixture can large yards, harbors, stadiums etc. be illuminated. It’s produced in Finland and the domesticity rate is over 85%.