Store lighting

What’s essential in store lighting?

  • Sale products can be seen as well as possible and their colours are shown correct and natural
  • The passageways must be lightened up well, for the safety of the customers is truly important
  • It has to be possible to control lighting intelligently
  • Lighting consumes energy and energy costs. That’s why it must be engineered as energy efficient as possible
  • The sight and visibility of employees must be paid attention to, because the staff will spend the whole working day in artificial light
  • The lighting must be attractive, or at least, the kind of lighting that won’t dazzle the customers or the staff

The world is awash with old fixture frames and it would be essential to replace those frames with new led-based ones or install led tubes in place of the old fluorescent tubes as well. It’s a big investment at one time, but it will pay itself back, in the form of diminished electric invoices. Also it’s not necessary to change the led tubes as frequently as the fluorescent tubes. As a result lighting will be directed in a right place, without the disco-effect which bothers both the customers and the employees.

Replacing old luminaire tubes with daylight tubes

Beneath the text can be seen a picture of a store where the existing low-colour temperature fluorescent tubes were replaced with full-spectrum daylight tubes. With this minor change the outcome was dramatic. ”Even the floor changed its colour!” Was the first reaction from the staff. In actual fact the colour of the floor didn’t change but it was seen in its real colour. The reason for this tremendous change was that in colour temperature as high as 5.500 Kelvin which is the colour temperature of the daylight tube the colours can be seen in the same hue as outside

An alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes would naturally have been led tubes. The purchase price is slightly higher than the traditional tubes, but with its small energy consumption the expenses will moderate quickly.

When renovating the lightning the best option would be to change the whole fixture from fluorescent tube fixtures to led module fixtures such as the new ”Made in Finland” Stera Lux AD led fixtures. As a result of this you’ll get an outstanding and long-lasting lighting solution which is extremely cost efficient. The only challenge is to remove the old fixtures as advantageously as possible, because the expenses can increase occasionally. In case it’s possible to proceed the business in current location long-term it’s certainly reasonable to invest in lighting.

Observing the variety of the light quality with spectrometer. Pictures shown below demonstrate the situation:

On the left can be seen the measurements with fluorescent tubes. The colour temperature is approximately 3000 Kelvin and colour rendering index is slightly powerless, only 83 CRI. On the right side of the picture can be seen the transform after replacing fluorescent tubes with led tubes. Now light is similar to daylight and colours can be seen in their natural hue. Although the quantity of light (LUX) isn’t as major as before the light quality is much better. That signify the fact that there’s no need to more lumens. Still the sight is remarkably better.


View from the store:

(n this picture can be seen the enormous difference between the old and the new lightning because the replacing of the tubes is still in the making.)