Stera Lux Area

This fixture is designed for light up large outdoor areas. The power of the fixture is so sufficient that it can be attached in pole 30 meters tall and the area will be lighted adequately. Fixtures light distribution can be adjusted perfectly considering the use.

Stera Lux fixtures are non-dazzling and economical. Fixtures are long-lasting and maintenance-free equipped with extremely high shock resistance, which makes breaks almost impossible.

Current fixtures can be replaced with the new led fixtures. It’s also possible to install several fixtures in the same pole and increase the effectivity of the lighting.

There’s a possibility to attach different kind of dimming or control system in the fixtures. Ask more from our sales personel!

These fixtures are made in Finland and the domesticity rate is over 85%.

Technical information:

Voltage range: 90 –350  VAC
Appliance class: IP66 (ballast IP67)
Power: 150W (selectable also in 400W)
Luumen: 20.000 lm (150W) and 40.000 lm (400W)
Operating temperature: -40 OC – +50 OC
Dimensions: 400mm x 550mm x 120mm, 7,7kg
Angle adjustment: Selectable
Attachment: in pole (hanging perch) The attachement wil be customized by customers needs
Beam angle: Selectable
Colour temperature: 5000K (selectable also in 4000K)
Lifetime: >50.000 hours
Body colour: Black (Can be painted with any RAL-colour)
CRI >80

Picture of the prototype: