Office lighting


An excellent lighting supports work efficiency and work safety and also decreases the amount of mistakes made at work. Unfortunately it’s difficult to measure the actualization of this criteria and that’s why the specification needs to be more comprehensive

Many factors affect to the definition of a great lighting. The most important factors are quality and amount of the light. Because the amount of daylight varies quite much depending on the weather, the time of the day and the time of the year, should indoor lighting act the same way. That’s why lighting should be adjustable. Dazzling and reflections disrupts working and could lead to e.g. to working in a false posture.

A very significant factor in the indoor lighting is to direct the light correctly. Almost always the best entirety comes when combining the indirect and direct lighting.

Lighting that’s similar to daylight is the highest-quality lighting because it offers a very ideal support to the human vision. Light that refracts to yellow has many adverse effects. It can cause eye fatigue and even amplify the pupils. That leads to decay of the visual acuity.

What makes a great lighting?

• continous spectrum

• excellent colour rendering index

• non-dazzling

• magnitude of the illuminance is big enough

• colour temperature

• right directing of the light

We here in AD-Lux have a specific way to work. First we execute an initial inspection of the current situation. In picture shown below, can be seen on the left a baseline of a one attraction. On the right can be seen the lighting situation with our solutions:

Spektri ennen muutostaSpektri muutoksen jälkeen

 As you can see, on the left the spectrum isn’t continuous and the colour rendering is really weak. We replaced the current fluorescent lamps with AD-Lux daylight tubes with full spectrum. The circumstances changed dramatically. On the right the spectrum of the light is continuous and the colour rendering is nearly one hundred that of the natural light.


Today’s world is lighten up with leds. The alternative choices are, either to replace the present light sources with led-lamps, or change the whole fixture to new led fixture. If the changing of the fixture is your choiche of option, we have a new product to offer which is called Stera Lux AD. This fixture will replace your old fluorescent lamp entirely. As a result you don’t have to replace the lamps as a interphase. You can inquire us for the comparison calculation. We’ll create for you, an optimum illustration, as cost-efficient as possible.

The ideal situation is that you can choose a lighting that is equivalent with you personal needs. What we mean is that the lighting can be designed to correspond the needs of the employee, as well as the needs the assignment brings. It’s truly important for ergonomics that employee can achieve the given assignments properly and without exhaustion and that’s something you can accomplish with the right kind of lighting.

Contact us for more information! We’re exited to tell you more about our products and services. Together we can design a first-class lighting just for you!