Lighting in industrial areas


– efficiency, endurance and accuracy while working

What’s crucial when lighting up an industrial area?

  • Safety at work
  • Clear view of the work area
  • Vigour of the staff
  • Minimizing the energy consumption, considering previous criteria

There’s still plenty of fluorescent tube fixtures, mercury lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps in use of industry. This situation can be naturally seen in high cost of electricity.

Our procedure for improving lighting is, to explore the current rate of the lighting used in various workstations and to ensure that quality and amount of the light is adequate.

Our suggestions for improving lighting structure are based on Indicators (spectre, lux, DIALux – calculations) that we use as ancillaries. The suggestion contains lightning plan, energy saving calculation and payback time for this investment.

OUR KEY TO INDUSTRIAL LIGHTNING: Stera Lux AD – modern led lighting

The old lightning will be replaced with modern led lighting. This solution consumes remarkably less energy and can be directed and dimmed by circumstances and needs of the user. The intelligent control allows the user, to amplify the amount of light in areas needed and lower the light from areas where it is not needed at that moment.

Indoor lighting will be engineered with new Stera Lux AD fixtures. These fixtures are long-lasting led module fixtures which are produced in Finland and whose domesticity rate is over 85%.

The major and most concrete benefit in renovating the lighting is the decrease in energy consumption which leads to bigger savings. In addition to this the investment will naturally lead to better lighting where the work efficiency, vigour of the staff and colour rendering will improve. Also longevity is one of the many benefits of the led lighting. After 50 000 hours in use there is still no less than 70% power left.

Stera Lux AD fixtures are designed specifically demands of the industries, logistics and the municipal sectors and for the in- and outdoor lighting. The same fixtures can be used also in store and office lighting by just decreasing the luminosity.

As an outdoor lighting solution there is the Stera Lux Area fixture which lights up wide areas from high above. Luminosity is adequate and visibility is guaranteed. These fixtures have been tested and improved in collaboration with Naantalin Satama Oy.