Lighting design

AD-Lux style lighting design

Exquisite lighting design always starts with the customers individual needs. Our mission is to offer the best ideas and functional solutions of execution. With over 20 years of experience there is thousands of our happy customers all over Finland.

Consider these when designing the lighting in your apartment:

  • Use of the space
  • Current builds and pieces of furniture
  • Transformability of the lighting and exploitation of the indirect lightt

Procession of the lighting design.

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Notification 2
First conversation. Call to our lighting designer and agree on an appointment. Tel. 02 517 0300 or email:
Lighting will be executed as comprehensive as you want. It can also include an electricity outlining.
Introducing the solution. We'll make you a lighting design which is planned according to your wishes. The design will also include an offer for our products which can be used in this particular lighting design.
One of the most important part of our success is a satisfied customer. We want you to be happy with your new lighting. Many of our customers share photos of our implementations and after we've got a permission to publish them, we will share the photos at our website too.
Installation. It's also possible to order products installed. Ask more from our specialists!

When planning the lighting design, it’s always advisable to do it early enough. When you have the floor plan in your hands, and constructing or renovation of the house is about to begin, it would be recommendable to already plan the decor. What kind of features will be in different rooms, how the furniture will be placed in different spaces and what kind of kitchen you want etc.

Based on the interior can be known what kind of lighting will be needed and where. The lighting design will be crafted on this information and based on that the electricity engineer can outline an electricity plan. We will execute lighting design as comprehensive as you want. It can also include an interior design and electricity outlining. If the long-lasting and the best lighting solution peaked your interest contact us and we’ll make you a design and an offer.