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Energy efficiency and safe work environment with domestic lights

The lighting in Rittal Oy premises was in its original form. The original lighting mostly consisted of old fluorescent lamps which were located in somewhat unnecessary places due to some layout changes made during the past years.

The new lighting was planned and designed together with the staff of Rittal Oy. Extra comfort and intelligence were increased by adding motion sensors to storage spaces so that the lights are activated only when there's movement. The industrial spaces lighting was made without motion sensors since working there is constant.

While designing the new lighting, an important thing to remember was that the lights couldn't be out for a long time so we prepared them in our factory with through wiring and EnstoNet bayonet sockets. This made the lights installation process prompt and allowed them to have the needed lighting on again in no time.

The new lighting contained two different luminous intensities from the AD Linear product family.